New Zealand fundraising consultants

How we can help

We can evaluate or rejuvenate existing fundraising programmes or help establish new ones.
Our fundraising solutions include:

Trust Applications

We can complete all steps in the application process plus look at who you’re currently apply to and see if there are any funders missing.

Annual Appeals

via mail, street, or online

Special Events

including conferences, dinners, auctions, cocktail functions

Direct Mail

Fundraising Plans


Retail/Opportunity Shops

Donor Development

Gift in Wills

Staff/Volunteer Training

Corporate Relationships

And more!

Who we help

Organisations we can help

We offer fundraising consultant solutions for all types of not for profit organisations, including:

  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Sports clubs
Case study

An example of how we could work for you


A regional organisation realised the potential income from Trust applications and had a staff member who was happy to apply but they had no knowledge of what to do or where to start. The organisation has never applied to any Trust before and had no system of identifying Trusts or tracking applications etc.


Contracted Maitland and Associates to work with the staff member to teach her about Trusts and Foundations, where to find them, what they fund, how to apply, what to include and to develop a system to track applications, closing dates, when accountability is due etc.