Regional Organisation

Problem - cash reserves gone, needed overdraft to pay next wages bill.

Solution - employed Maitland and Associates to complete trust applications to help raise funds for running costs. (This was just one of the measures put in place by organisation).

Result - A total of 31 applications were submitted over a 12 month period raising $223,421 from 21 successful applications.

National Organisation

Problem - was to be the beneficiary from a national event but had limited staff time available to work with the organisers.

Solution - employed Maitland and Associates to help ensure the most was gained from the unexpected and unplanned opportunity.

Result - substantial media coverage throughout the country and over $50,000 raised.

Small Local Organisation

Problem - realised the potential from Trust applications, had a staff member who was happy to complete the forms but had no knowledge of what to do or where to start. The organisation had never applied to any Trust before and had no system of identifying Trusts, tracking applications etc.

Solution - employed Maitland and Associates to work with the staff member to teach her all about Trusts and Foundations, how to find them, what they fund, how to apply, what to include etc.

Result - the staff member is now confidently submitting applications, money is being raised and they have the system in place to support the process.

Small Local Organisation

Problem had a great organisation providing a much needed service but lacked the knowledge to maximise their fundraising potential

Solution employed Maitland and Associates to facilitate a fundraising planning day for staff, committee and other key stakeholders. To teach what fundraising is, to facilitate discussion on the options available and to prepare a fundraising plan

Result All are now aware of the principles and practices of fundraising and are working to implement the plan and provide a stable financial footing for the future

With her knowledge of fundraising, both theory and practical, Stephanie is well respected in the not-for-profit sector. Her willingness to share her knowledge, her totally ethical approach and the results that she achieves for her clients takes Stephanie out of the ordinary. Her enthusiasm is inspirational and it is always a pleasure to work with such a unique positive person.

Sally Quintrell
Quintrell & Associates Ltd