Stephanie Maitland CFRE; MFINZ; FFINZ

Stephanie has been a fundraising professional for over 25 years and has been a self-employed consultant/contractor since 2003. She works with charities from all sectors and sizes on projects such as trust applications, direct mail, special events, bequest programmes and staff training/mentoring.

She is a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), currently one of 15 in New Zealand. CFRE is an internationally recognised certification that is based on knowledge, results, experience and service to the profession. The certification is only valid for three years and must be re-applied for with set requirements to be met within each three year time period. Stephanie first gained her CFRE in 1998 and it remains valid. In 2018 she became a CFRE Ambassador, one of only two in New Zealand.

Stephanie has held a number of volunteer roles within the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ) at both national and local level. She has presented at many FINZ events including national conferences, 360's workshops and the Certificate in Fundraising. In 2008 she received the honour of being named a Fellow of the Institute.

Having attended a variety of fundraising conferences both in New Zealand and Australia and other training opportunities offered both by FINZ and the University of Indiana, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience of fundraising principles and practices to assist you with your fundraising requirements.

"Stephanie is a person who gives 100% plus to her clients. Her passion, expertise and knowledge of fundraising and the not for profit sector, ensures successful outcomes for her clients."

"Her integrity, compassion and love of people are genuine, and it is a pleasure to recommend Maitland & Associates for your fundraising projects."

Jill Eagle
Past Director of Fundraising
Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation